Whether you’re chopping down a tree, managing a sales team or attempting to make it to your daughter’s soccer game while up against a deadline at work, the secret to success is the same:

Contemplate and plan before you dash and do.

Stopping to breathe and plan has always been a challenge. Instinctually, we like to feel productive, and we feel much more productive when we’re doing something.

The problem:

In the last ten years, the challenge has increased exponentially. Our devices beep at us all day:
“Look at me! Take care of this now! Respond! React!” Our attention has been monetized, and this is
eroding our sense of well-being.

Without a plan, we listen to the beeps. We let them direct us. We “do.”

We “do” all day long… and yet we don’t accomplish what we want to. Technology, while its intention was to expand and uplift our lives, has invaded and taken control.

MyMethod puts you back in the driver’s seat of your life, so you can “do” what you truly want to do; you can determine your individual priorities and fulfill each one of them at the right time.

Unlike other productivity or time management systems, MyMethod doesn’t present one-size-fits-all solutions or rigid principles. There is no “never check your email before breakfast” and you won’t hear “always exercise first thing in the morning.”

It’s called HIME. High Impact, Minimum Effort.

MyMethod presents the concept that there is an optimal time and place for everything… and that time is completely subjective and individual. MyMethod guides you to discover your HIMEs (High Impact, Minimum Effort times) – the period when your energy level is aligned to most effectively and efficiently accomplish any given task. You’ll develop an customized “smart schedule” where you will maximize your work productivity and enjoyment, bid interruptions and stress adieu, and get the sleep and relaxation you crave.

When you finish designing and applying the MyMethod process according to your priorities and obligations, you’ll be able to look at your plan and say, “This isn’t everyone’s method. This is My Method. The one perfectly aligned to my energy levels, my goals and my life.” You will have in hand the practical application of “work smarter, not harder.” You’ll have a perfect, personalized, stress-free time management system for handling your job and family responsibilities and accomplishing your goals, which may include 8 hours of sleep.

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