Upcoming Workshops​​

Feb 21 + 28 (2 sessions)
WeWork,  Sarona

New York

March 2018 (1 session)
WeWork, NY

  1. Free time to think, rest, contemplate, read, meditate and enjoy life without stress, distractions or interruptions

  2. A customized, well organized digital workflow combined with all your favorite gadgets

  3. Enjoyment and satisfaction from your work

    As I’ve offered for the last four years, if I don’t keep this pretentious promise to you, I’ll give you a 100% refund! 

  • How to handle information overload from all channels: Social Media, Texting Apps, Slack, emails, PM tools, meetings, calls and much more
  • How to wisely integrate the right web-tools to your workflow, including your desktop, tablet, mobile, and smart-watch
  • How to use only the bright sides (avoiding the disadvantages) of web-tools, apps and semi-automated tools integrations, so that you never again lose meaningful pieces of information or content
  • How to manage your time and energy so that you take care of all your tasks – the urgent ones as well as the important-but-not-urgent ones (since those are often responsible for your own personal growth!)
  • How to maintain high levels of efficiency and effectiveness, remaining focused when it’s work time
  • How to plan and execute a productive work week while managing several projects simultaneously
  • Freedom engendering habits and work-life balance techniques
  • The simple method to handle your inbox: AKA “Zero Inbox=<20”

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