Success Stories

Bat-hen, again you proved to me that it is worthwhile to get out of the busy office in order to gain insights at your seminars. I already shared these with the Sales personnel and they are very appreciative! I will be gradually introducing the remainder of your recommendations…
Ruth Bridger​
Great training. Gave me creative and consistent solution to lower the workload of my shoulders. I’ll recommend it to my peers.
Vardi Nir​
Excellent training for everyone that wants to shift their mind and behaviors. I learned lots of new thing, I was reinforced with things I knew and I think there definitely a method that can be implemented with ease.
Ariel Levin
an Innovative workshop, touching on both professional and human values. Equips the marketing staff with effective tools for processes and team management on a personalized basis. enjoyed this very much.
Kira Tschernicovsky
An amazing experience.Totally spot on. Got my productivity level up within a day, and can't wait for the next meeting
Nili Goldberg
Company Owner at Growth anomics
the best 2-days you'll ever invest in improving your daily productivity. the workshop is very methodological and provides practical advise you can rapidly implement. the results are stunning! I am more efficient, much more organized, stress levels are down and focus and productivity levels are up. I entered the workshop with 371 emails in my inbox and tens of sticky notes, notebooks, to do lists etc. Today, I don't leave home with more than 20 emails in my inbox
Rfi Kretchmer
Product Marketing Director at Amdocs
Life changing, not because my life changed upside down, but rather because all the small details and changes I made to my calendar, made my days more productive, my time more valuable, and my efficiency...well it is getting much better. Thumbs up.
Reut Tsabari
Tel Aviv University
I found myself constantly struggling to prioritize my daily tasks and get more done each day. After the workshop with Bat-hen it all becomes much easier. I have become more productive, more efficient, and get more done in the same amount of time. If you feel like you do not have the time to spare for this workshop then you NEED it! It offers practical tools to manage your time better and overall improve your results in the long run.
Almog Italy
Partner at MAXI-SITE
Very interesting and education course. I learned a lot, implemented many of the tools and brought up my productivity and efficiency way up. I would like to recommend the "Survival Kit for Working in the Digital Era" to anyone. This is something that any employee and/or independent person will thank Bat-hen after he/she takes it
Noa Yonish
New York Institute of Technology
I attended Bat-hen's workshop (MyMethod) in January 2018 and it changed my life. Yes mine... the hectic, stressed out, overworked, "multi-tasking", "speedy gonzales" woman who let work, clients and general chaos take over her life and who thought there is no way out. Here are just a few of my own personal results since the workshop: I read a whole book in one week , I wrote several new articles, one of which has gone over the moon viral (because I wrote with passion, inspiration and with no stress!) , I re-organized my work day and my work week so I can take breaks outside, have coffee with my partner or just stare, I sleep better , my phone is no longer the center of my existence Shall I go on? Or do you get the picture? The value I see in the workshop is even higher for corporate and larger organizations. For small boutique offices like mine where only one or two or five people work, it helps a lot. But imagine all your X employees working better, getting more done and feeling happier! Employer branding? Check! Productivity? Double check! Employee retention? Triple Check! Worth every single penny! Seriously, don't think twice. Talk to Bat-hen."
Elinor Cohen
Engagement & Marketing Strategist

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