Increase productivity, focus and satisfaction for every member on your team

MyMethod time management trainings are practical, life-changing experiences that will dramatically increase not only your employees’ productivity but also their contentment and vitality.

Short Session:
3 easy habits for a brilliant,
productive and stress-free workday

This 90 minute practical lecture covers:

  • How to HIME your time (HIME = High Impact, Minimum Effort) to increse productivity
  • How to become both efficient and effective in every single task and project, avoiding distractions and increasing focus
  • Which web tools are essential for your digital workflow and how to use effectively

Full Day Workshop:
Discover how to HIME your time

This 9AM-5PM practical, interactive time management training (or 2 four-hour sessions over two days) covers:

  • How to handle information overload from social media, texting apps, emails, PM tools, meetings, calls and more
  • Which web tools and apps to use for your digital workflow and how to integrate them wisely on each device
  • How to manage your time and energy so that you stop pushing off important tasks to take care of urgent ones (while still getting the urgent tasks done!)
  • The difference between efficiency and effectiveness and how to achieve both
  • How to use web tools and apps so they help you increase productivity rather than distract you
  • How to plan and execute a stress-free work week while working on several projects simultaneously
  • My simple-to-implement method to get your inbox under control for good
  • Freedom engendering habits
  • Work-life balance techniques

What will your employees walk away with?

  • A personalized, optimized digital workflow using ideal apps the right way
  • An understanding of their own priorities and how to drop unproductive habits
  • A workweek full of enjoyment and accomplishment
  • Free time to think, rest, contemplate, read, meditate and enjoy life without stress

For years, I offered a complete refund for any workshop attendee who didn’t feel that they had gained tremendously from the training. No one ever took me up on it.

NEAK Peak TO AN IN-HOUSE TRAINING (35 min watch)

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