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We cannot create time.

But we can manage our time more effectively so we’re able accomplish everything on our lists, including working, parenting, relaxing and reflecting. You really can get everything done, and still have capacity to put your feet up and enjoy an afternoon off.

It’s possible. I’ve done it.

While my workshops will give you the full gamut of tools and methodology I use to make this possible, the blog is meant for those looking for a little assistance, direction, and know-how. Each entry will take you through one of my tips for arranging your life according to HIME, so you can achieve everything on that to-do list, and still enjoy your life.

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Videi: How to use wisely is the tool which in its right use will help you regain control of the mailbox and further enhance your productivity.

Pocket web-tool

VIDEO: How to use “Pocket” wisely

How to use “Pocket” wisely and make sure that it doesn’t waste our time and energy Most people who use “Pocket” or any similar capturing tool, may have accidentally turned it into a “content graveyard”, meaning its stacked up with lots of content that they will never actually find time to read. So that makes it a complete waste of our the time – we have a web-tool that turned into another never-ending pile of content in our digital life. So here are my ideas as to how to use “Pocket” wisely and make sure that it doesn’t waste our time and energy

VIDEO: Why you don’t want to be the man in this picture?

The use of Smartphones and tablets has increased working hours from 50 – 70 hours a week in average, without any noticeable change in productivity.

What is Email Apnea?

What is Email Apnea?

What is Email Apnea? How using Yoga prevent you from suffering from it?


Spend 80% of your time building your workflows and planning your workday, ​HIME your time

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