Bat-chen is an experienced entrepreneur that specializes in advanced working techniques for the digital era. She founded MyMethod – a time efficiency method for tech companies.
Bat-chen Grinberg

Bat-chen is an experienced entrepreneur that specializes in advanced working techniques for the digital era. She founded MC Forum, a training center for B2B Marketers & MyMethod – a time efficiency method for tech companies.
She teaches her advanced working techniques to start-ups and tech companies in Tel-Aviv, SF & NY and focuses on how to use only the positive aspects of technology, how to balance between work and personal life and how to thrive in our chaotic information era. Her career included many major milestones such as producing the biggest Failure Conference worldwide and being the catalyst behind the Amy Award Winner and Oscar Nominated Documentary “Waltz with Bashir”.
Bat-chen is a mother of 2 boys, lives in a Kibbutz and is a fierce activist for independent journalism.

I learned my fabulous working techniques from a multi-disciplinary storyteller and “Guru” Mrs. Limor Shiponi.
She is an extraordinary persona and I recommend following her work and insights.
Both her methods and mine are inspired and are an integration by great achievers such as Dale Carnegie, Peter Drucker, Charles Duhig, David Allen, Abraham Hicks, Greg Braiden, Tony Robbins and most recently Greg Mckeown. 
I have learned and mastered their ideas into my workflow, taking elements from each one and creating a workflow that does wonders for my workday.

MyMethod ™ is a combination of both working techniques and smart web-tools integrations.
In the heart of MyMethod ™ lie 2 main ideas that I hold dear which are simplifying processes and managing energy levels.
These are the main ingredients to ensure you have a meaningful work week and a thriving private life.
I currently teach MyMethod ™ in Tel-Aviv, New York & San-Francisco. 

How to handle information overload from all channels: Social Media, Texting Apps, e-mails, PM tools, meetings, calls and much more.

How to wisely integrate the right web-tools to your workflow that includes your desktop, tablet, mobile, and smart-watch.
How to use only the bright sides of web-tools & apps.  smart and semi-automated tools integrations, so that you never again lose meaningfully pieces of information or content.
How to manage your time and energy so that you take care of all your tasks – the urgent ones as well as the important-but-not-urgent ones (those are responsible for your growth!)
How to maintain high efficiency, high effectiveness and stay focused
How to plan and execute an excellent work week, while working on several projectssimultaneously.
All about my freedom engendering habits & my work-life balance techniques.
All about my simple method to handle e-mails workload AKA “Zero Inbox=<20”

  1. Free time to think, rest, contemplate, read, meditate and basically enjoy life without stress
  2. A very well organized digital work-flow, combined with all your favorite gadgets
  3. You will enjoy your work-week and say to yourself: “ That was great! I want more weeks like that!”I will give 100% refund if I don’t keep my pretentiousness promise to you,  that is how much I am sure that everyone, no matter how techy or experienced, can benefit greatly from this knowledge-integrated method.

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