My Method: Your Survival Kit for Working in the Digital Era

You end your workday feeling like you just spent hours trying to get a herd of escaped sheep back into their pen.
You were interrupted 6 times by your kids, your boss, your clients – and that’s all before 10am.
You feel like your work life and your personal life are so intertwined that you’re not sure which is which –
and you’re not accomplishing as much as you’d like on either front.

You are not alone.

In the digital age, we’re all together in the same boat commanded by Captain Mobile Device and First Mate Push Notification.
We spend most of our day overwhelmed by the never-ending information and to-dos they send our way.
It’s hard to determine and then focus on what’s important.
It’s nearly impossible to find time, space and emotional energy to contemplate and reflect.
We’ve lost our way.

Don’t just let your day happen to you.

I created MyMethod to help you take control of your time, your mind, your priorities and your life.

The MyMethod system has helped thousands of formerly overwhelmed individuals
proactively create a meaningful, productive workweek and a thriving personal life.

Bat-chen is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in teaching advanced workflow and time management techniques which help people in the digital era live the life they covet, full of satisfaction, focus, accomplishment and leisure.

Bat-Chen founded MC Forum, a training center for B2B marketers, as well as MyMethod – a time management system for employees in the digital age. She delivers workshops in Tel-Aviv, San Francisco and New York, focusing on how to maximize the positive aspects of technology, how to balance successfully between work and personal life, and how to thrive in our chaotic information era while avoiding information overload. Bat-chen is a mother to two feisty boys and is a fierce activist for independent journalism.


how has mymethod helped?

an Innovative workshop, touching on both professional and human values. Equips the marketing staff with effective tools for processes and team management on a personalized basis. enjoyed this very much.
Kira Tschernicovsky
Marketing Manager, Credorax CompanyA
Excellent training for everyone that wants to shift their mind and behaviors. I learned lots of new thing, I was reinforced with things I knew and I think there definitely a method that can be implemented with ease
Ariel Levin
Co-Founder/VP @The Link - Are You In?

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